Access to Justice for the Poor and Disadvantaged in LMICs - An Evidence and Gap Map

List of authors:Howard White, Ashrita Saran, Jill Adona, Ada Chukwudozie, Roland Bless Taremwa, Benjamin Kachero and tbc

Access to justice is defined as the ability of both victims and accused to seek and obtain redress through the formal or informal legal system in an accessible, affordable, timely and just manner, regardless of sex, age, socio-economic status, mental or physical capacity, or ethnicity. . The map will not be restricted to interventions targeted exclusively at the poor and disadvantaged. It will include also interventions for the general population or specific groups (e.g. women) which may plausibly be expected to have a significant impact on the poor and disadvantaged.

Download Campbell Collabroation_EGM_Access to justice TRF


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