Beyond CEDIL

What happens next?

The CEDIL programme ends in April 2023. Across CEDIL, we have been working hard to ensure that the outputs of the programme remain accessible and discoverable for years to come.


We have put CEDIL outputs on Policy Commons

All the papers that have been on the CEDIL website have been uploaded to Policy Commons, an extensive, searchable collection of high-quality reports, policy briefs and other grey literature from around the world.


We use DOIs

Through CrossRef, we have registered Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for the papers and briefs posted on the CEDIL website during the programme. Using these DOIs in citations and as bookmarks ensures you will be able to find CEDIL outputs in their permanent home even when our website is no longer active.


We have set up a project page with OPM

Oxford Policy Management (OPM), which runs the Programme Directorate of CEDIL, has a CEDIL project page that provides a permanent record of the CEDIL programme, along with a record of all the projects funded and links to external resources.


Our webinars and conference sessions are on YouTube

Browse and watch again the wealth of webinar recordings, conference sessions and project videos on our YouTube channel.


We have shared final copies of published papers with FCDO

The CEDIL programme was funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). In line with FCDO’s open-access policy and to ensure all resources can be permanently available, the final, published versions of all working papers, lessons learned papers, policy briefs, guidance papers and all other major published outputs have also been lodged with FCDO.


Sustainability guidance for CEDIL-supported projects

We know that the CEDIL project teams share our commitment to ensuring materials remain accessible and discoverable. In addition to the steps summarised above that are being taken by the CEDIL programme team, we encourage project teams to:

  • Upload the published versions of papers to your own websites and repositories
  • Upload and share any additional outputs from your project
  • Share on social media the links to your own project web pages and the links above
  • Continue the great work!