CEDIL Syntheses Working Papers

CEDIL Syntheses Working Papers

The CEDIL Syntheses Working Paper series publishes innovative research syntheses of the impact of interventions in low- and middle-income countries in the form of evidence and gap maps, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and other synthesis products.

Latest publication 

Development evaluations in Uganda 2000-2018: A country evaluation map

Howard White, Timothy Lubanga, Francis Rathinam, Roland Bless Taremwa, Benjamin Kachero, Caroline Otike, Robert Apunyo, Zeba Siddiqui, Anagha Joshi, Ashrita Saran, and Ekwaro Obuku 

This CEDIL Synthesis Working Paper is a report on the first of its kind country evaluation map for a single country. This country evaluation map seeks to make recent development evaluations from Uganda visible and available in a single repository. The map identifies 617 evaluations in multiple sectors in Uganda. Nearly 60 per cent of the studies contain process evaluation evidence and over 40 per cent are impact evaluations. Read more here.