Agenda Paper

The CEDIL Evaluation Agenda

Authors: Edoardo Masset, Howard White


This paper introduces the rationale behind the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Development, Impact and Learning (CEDIL) and the challenges it will address. CEDIL was established with funding from the UK Government through the Department for International Development (DFID), with the aim of developing and supporting new methods and approaches in the evaluation of international development interventions in neglected geographic, and thematic areas. CEDIL has concluded its inception phase, which explored new evaluation methods and approaches with a series of papers, workshops, and consultations. This paper sets out CEDIL’s research agenda for the next three years. CEDIL will promote studies in three key areas: 1) unpacking complex interventions with mixed methods approaches, and exploration of mechanisms, 2) generalising evidence through the formulation of mid-level theories of neglected interventions, and 3) promoting evidence use through stakeholder engagement and demonstrating what works within such communication.

Download the Agenda Paper by E Masset and H White