This project is no longer supported by CEDIL due to UK aid cuts during COVID-19.

Evidence synthesis: the effectiveness of climate-related aid

Programme of work

Evaluating complex interventions

Principal investigator(s)

Fedra Vanhuyse

Host institution

Stiftelsen The Stockholm Environment Institute


January to September 2021 (TBC)

Project type

Evidence synthesis



Research question

This synthesis study will elucidate mechanisms of action of complex aid interventions on climate action, explore effect modifiers and identify critical factors for implementation.

Specific research questions include:

  1. What is the effect of different funding modalities on climate-related outcomes? Which modalities have or have not been effective, and who has or has not benefitted?
  2. Under which conditions do different funding modalities lead to a change in climate-related outcomes? Which factors help or hinder the climate goals being achieved?

Research design

This is a systematic review that will synthesise the available evidence.

Data source

It will draw on academic and grey literature on the effectiveness of different aid modalities in the context of climate action and extensive stakeholder engagement.

Policy relevance

This systematic review will bridge theory and practice, and allow policymakers to make more effective aid allocation decisions. It will provide insights that can help design more effective climate-related aid interventions.