Gender-sensitive risks and options assessment for decision-making to support WiF2

Programme of work

Evaluating complex interventions

Principal investigator(s)

Claudia Ringler

Host institution

International Food Policy Research Institute

Other institutions

Lincoln University
Australian National University
American University Beirut
University of Dhaka


February 2020 to April 2022 (TBC)

Project type



Bangladesh, Nepal, Jordan and Lebanon

Research question

This evaluation will support the Department for International Development programme, Work in Freedom Phase 2 (WiF2) in assessing the effectiveness of interventions to reduce forced labour and trafficking along migration pathways from Bangladesh and Nepal to Jordan and Lebanon.

Research design

The study will:

  1. Update the gender-sensitive Risks and Options Assessment for Decision- making (ROAD) process by incorporating a gendered focus;
  2. Implement a quantitative complex survey with female migrants and their spouses to assess the risk of forced labour and trafficking along the migration pathway and the impact of WiF interventions to date;
  3. Assess the determinants of wage differentials of female migrants in Nepal, reanalysing existing quantitative data; and
  4. Conduct a qualitative evaluation of WiF’s impact on women’s empowerment in forced labour and trafficking situations in Bangladesh and Nepal.

Data source

Data will be collected on:

  1. Migrants in Nepal; and
  2. Employers in Lebanon.

In addition, qualitative work will be carried out on freedom of association in Lebanon and Jordan and on women’s empowerment in the countries of origin.

Policy relevance

The study will provide evidence on the effectiveness of interventions that reduce vulnerability to trafficking and forced labour of women and girls from Bangladesh and Nepal to Middle Eastern countries. The evidence will be useful for organisations working on migrant rights and the scientific community.

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