This project is no longer supported by CEDIL due to UK aid cuts during COVID-19.

Catalysing responsive and inclusive governance: developing theory and methods for evaluating government training on citizen engagement

Programme of work

Enhancing evidence transferability

Principal investigator(s)

Ryan Sheely

Host institution

Mercy Corps Europe

Other institutions

Harvard Kennedy School


January 2020 to December 2020 (TBC)

Project type

Exploratory project


Myanmar and Jordan

Research question

This is an exploratory study that focuses on identifying the assumptions and causal mechanisms in a specific type of intervention: training for government officials on community engagement.

Research design

The study will draw on:

  1. Systematic reviews of evidence;
  2. Theory-building case studies of the Myanmar and Jordan programmes;
  3. Mini-case studies of other government training interventions;
  4. Piloting intervention variations and measurement tools; and
  5. Cross-country reflection and learning workshops.

Data source

The study will draw on case studies of similar government training programmes that Mercy Corps implements.

Policy relevance

The study will provide insights on whether and how capacity building of government officials can promote a conversation about locally relevant needs and interests. It can help decision-makers identify the types of training programmes that are likely to shape behaviours and outcomes related to governance.