Tom Wilkinson

ONS-FCDO Hub Site Lead

Tom joined the Data Science Campus in September 2019. He has a PhD in Complexity Economics and the Philosophy of Statistics.

He started his career in government as an Operational Researcher (Applied Mathematician) in 2013, working on Microsimulation of court scheduling and predictive/network analytics for court performance. He drafted some of the earliest frameworks for recruiting Data Scientists into government and subsequently joined the Home Office as a Data Scientist, leading their prototyping of entity network-exploration and predictive analytics tools to detect victims of Modern Slavery. Tom moved to the FCDO in 2016 as their Head of Management Information (MI) and Analytics, helping establish the ONS Data Science Hub in East Kilbride, which he now leads.

Tom is interested in emergent behaviour in complex systems, machine learning’s implications for epistemology, and decentralised decision systems.

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