Exploring the transferability of mid-range theories through recontextualising an evidence portal

Exploring the transferability of mid-range theories through recontextualising an evidence portal

Date: 22 November 2021


This webinar describes the process that was undertaken to recontextualise an evidence portal to the Chad Basin.

The Teaching and Learning Toolkit is an evidence portal that summarises the global evidence for a number of pedagogical approaches and is used by 69% of school leaders in England.

In particular, the panel will discuss the stakeholder engagement and mapping of differences in the evidence bases on pedagogical approaches between different country contexts.


Jon Kay


Jon Kay is Head of Evidence Synthesis at the Education Endowment Foundation. He works to promote the use of evidence in schools and policymaking. Jon is responsible for the evidence synthesis work at the EEF including the Teaching and Learning Toolkit and Guidance Reports. He recently authored the EEF’s rapid evidence assessment into remote learning approaches. Jon has been at the EEF since 2014 in a number of roles, including leading the policy team and the publication of reports on EEF funded randomised controlled trials.

Emma Dobson

Dr Emma Dobson is a Research Associate at Durham University’s School of Education. Working as part of the team that maintains and develops the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Toolkit, Emma’s work focuses on evidence synthesis of educational interventions, including systematic reviews and meta-analysis of existing randomised and non-randomised studies. Her research interests include the use of evidence from research to support policy and practice decisions in education, with a particular interest in Realist Evaluation and the development of programme theory to support intervention implementation and identify essential mechanisms/contexts that moderate intervention effects. To this end, she is currently collaborating with eBase on a CEDIL and UKAID funded project to contextualise the Toolkit for the Chad Basin.

Nsaikila Melaine Nyuyfoni

Nsaikila Melaine Nyuyfoni is a Fulbright Scholar (2013 – 2015) and serves as a Senior Data Analyst at Effective Basic Services (eBASE) Africa. In addition to his duties at eBASE Africa, Nsaikila Melaine is also an Economist / Data Consultant for Numbers and People Synergy (NAPS), an International research firm whose main mission is to inform the development of cohesive, practical and impactful social development policies and programs that empower decision-makers worldwide to deliver solutions to real-world social problems for their communities. NAPS’ clients include the AUC, UNDP, and the Commonwealth.

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