Development project evaluations in Malawi: A country evaluation map

CEDIL Syntheses Paper 6

Tim Crincoli, Ella Beveridge and Howard White

The Malawi country evaluation map was created to promote the knowledge and use of development project evaluations in Malawi. It presents 576 project evaluations from nine databases and a targeted Google search.

Malawi has very many evaluations of health, agricultural development and economic development interventions. Education, governance and public sector, and social protection all have a broad evidence base. These areas are ripe for summaries of lessons learned from these evaluations.

The primary function of the country evaluation map is to increase knowledge and accessibility of project evaluations of development projects in Malawi. This map can be used by policymakers and researchers alike to understand what development project evaluations have been done and where there is a need for more research.

Suggested citation: Crincoli, T., Beveridge, E. and White, H. (2022)Development impact evaluations in Malawi: A country evaluation map, CEDIL Syntheses Working Paper 6, CEDIL, Oxford. Available at:

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Malawi map cover.

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