Timely, Efficient, and Living Systematic Reviews: Opportunities in International Development

CEDIL Inception Paper 7

Authors: Snilstveit, B, Stevenson, J, Shemilt, I, Clarke M, Jimenez, E, Thomas, J

Brief summary:

Systematic reviews provide reliable summaries of available evidence on the effects of programmes to improve people’s lives.  We know that timely availability of evidence is a key factor influencing evidence use, but the time-lag between new study results becoming available and their integration into new or updated systematic reviews is typically measured in years, due to lags in study publication, coupled with a resource and time-intensive review process.  Moreoever, in a sector where new evidence is being produced on a frequent basis, this time-lag means reviews can rapidly become out of date.

Drawing on the developments in other sectors, this paper explores the opportunities for more efficient and timely review production in international development, including but not limited to ‘living systematic reviews.’

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