Effectiveness of transportation in LMICs - An Evidence and Gap Map

CEDIL Inception Paper 13

The final paper is available at https://doi.org/10.51744/CSWP3

List of authors: Suchi Malhotra, Howard White, Nina de la Cruz, Ashrita Saran, John Eyers, Denny John, Ella Beveridge, Nina Blöndal

The map will cover all forms of transport, such as roads, railways, civil aviation, ports and inland water transport, and urban transport, and also cover a broad range of populations, such as rural and urban, general population, specific population (e.g. women, disabled etc.).

The map will show studies estimating effects using modelling, cost-benefit analysis and impact evaluation.

Read further details in this blog by Suchi Malhotra, Research Associate, Campbell South Asia.

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