Research Uptake in Policymaking: From Papers to Policy

CEDIL Inception Paper 14

Authors: Brown J, Cartridge R, Davies S, Ul Hassan E, Hsia C, Lal T, Mackison D, Menon R, Moratti M, Murunga V, Le Nestour A, Whitehead L, White H

This paper is based on discussions which took place during a Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL) workshop ‘Promoting the use of research findings in policy and practice: an experience sharing workshop’ held on 7th November 2017. It explores the rise of evidence-based decision-making and the role that knowledge brokers play within it. It looks at the skills and qualities needed for effective knowledge brokering and how to plan for effective research uptake in policy. The paper focuses on the importance of relationship building and effective communication in knowledge brokering and provides case studies where evidence-based decision-making and knowledge brokering have been used effectively by governments and nongovernmental organisations alike.

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