Syria: Do Complex Agricultural Interventions Strengthen Food Security?

CEDIL evidence brief 1

Dr. Ghassan Baliki, Prof. Tilman Brück, Prof. Hala Ghattas

This evidence brief reports on the analysis of the impacts of a complex agricultural intervention on households’ food security status as well as agricultural crop and livestock production in a humanitarian setting. The authors consider income generated from agricultural value chain activities and individuals’ use of harmful livelihood strategies to cope with shortages of food. The impact analysis adopts a quasi-experimental approach using household survey data collected from beneficiary (treatment group) and non-beneficiary (control group) households in Syria before, during and after the interventions took place (3 waves in total). They also explore whether the outcome indicators vary meaningfully by gender and by access to irrigation.

Suggested Citation Baliki, G., Brück, T., and Ghattas, H., (2021). “Syria: Do Agricultural Interventions Strengthen Food Security?” CEDIL Evidence Brief. Available from

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