Timely evaluation in international development

Methods Working Paper 7

Marcella Vigneri

A central issue in impact evaluation is supporting quick data collection and analyses while an intervention is being rolled out to assist urgent decision-making or update knowledge of what works. This paper reviews approaches to timely evaluation that balance speed with rigour of analysis and are often combined with more standard evaluation methods. We review approaches to timely evaluation from different traditions and combine them in a conceptual framework that describes their goals, speed, and how they address complexity. Each method is paired with a case study to illustrate its value for international development evaluation research.

Suggested citation: Vigneri, M. (2022). ‘Timely evaluation in international development’. CEDIL Methods Working Paper 7. Oxford: Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL). Available from: https://doi.org/10.51744/CMWP7

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