Translating effective education approaches, such as targeted instruction, across contexts

CEDIL Evidence Brief 2

Noam Angrist and Rachael Meager

Multiple randomised trials have proven that targeted educational instruction is an effective approach to addressing learning gaps in low- and middle- income countries. This approach has been tested in multiple rigorous studies, including in Ghana, Kenya and India. This evidence brief reports a formal synthesis of the evidence and assesses the strength and generalisability of the evidence and the factors that drive the largest frontier effects in the literature. This brief also provides practical guidance on elements of  targeted instructional approaches that drive the greatest impacts for students, and which are critical for the successful adaptation and scale-up of the approach across contexts.

Suggested citation: Angrist, N. and Meager, R. (2022). Translating Effective Education Approaches, such as Targeted Instruction, Across Contexts. CEDIL Evidence Brief 2. London and Oxford: Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning.

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