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The Production and Use of Evidence and Gap Maps

Evidence and gap maps are a recent evidence synthesis product which have gathered a great deal of interest from researchers, commissioners and users of evidence. CEDIL has funded a range of evidence syntheses including maps. This session presents two CEDIL-funded maps and an overview of the use of maps, including examples from CEDIL-funded work. Panel: Howard White, CEDIL Research
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Mid Range Theory

Mid Range Theory – 9 April 2020 Using mid range theory to enhance transferability of research findings. To view the presentation slides, please follow this link
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Stakeholder Engagement and Evidence Use Webinar

Stakeholder Engagement and Evidence Use Webinar, 17 April 2020 The webinar focused on CEDIL’s expectations from the stakeholder engagement and evidence use plan that project teams will submit as part of their inception report. To see the slide presentation on Stakeholder Engagement and Evidence Use please follow this link To see the slides on DFID
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Guidelines for Primary Studies

The first webinar on the Guideline Papers was given by Edoardo Masset, and was intended to assist those CEDIL funded project teams working on primary studies on how to apply the CEDIL guidelines papers in their inception plans. The presentation slides can be downloaded on this link.
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