Evaluating Research Uptake and Impact: Juggling Evidence, Politics and Uncertainty

Evaluating Research Uptake and Impact: Juggling Evidence, Politics and Uncertainty

In the context of Covid-19, juggling politics, evidence and uncertainty has become quite challenging. How can development projects know they are making a difference? How can politics be factored into research uptake rather than ignored? What are the implications of the necessary uncertainty and ambiguity of policy and practice change?


Chris Roche, Professor, La Trobe University

Yanuar Nugroho, Senior Intellectual and Academic Advisor, Centre for Innovation, Policy and Governance (CIPG)

Sandy Oliver, Professor of Public Policy, Institute of Education (IoE), University College London (UCL)


Laurenz Langer, Africa Evidence Network, University of Johannesburg

View the complete webinar recording:

The webinar recording, complete with captions, can be viewed here: Webinar recording with captioning

A transcript of the webinar can be found here: Transcript of lecture

Pre-webinar vlog: View here

Slides from the Presentations: by Yanuar Nugroho & by Sandy Oliver

Suggested Resources (please note, these were suggestions for further reading recommended during the webinar by audience as well as speakers):

Duke, A (2018), Thinking In Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All The Facts Portfolio

Krznaric, R (2020) How to be a good ancestor TED Talk

Poirrier, C. & Tolmie, C. (2020) Measuring Governance, Advocacy and Power; A Database Of Existing Indicators, Tools and Indices Results for Development

Sidel, J.T. & Faustino, J. (2020) Thinking and Working Politically in Development: Coalitions for Change in the Philippines The Asia Foundation (see also the publication announcement here: Link to announcement)

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