The strategic use of evidence and gap maps to build evidence architecture

CEDIL Methods Working Paper 5

Howard White

Mapping is an evidence synthesis approach that aims to describe what research evidence is available that is relevant to a particular research or policy question. It has emerged as an important way to make evidence available to decision-makers. In recent years, a number of organisations have adopted various approaches to evidence mapping, including the EPPI Centre, the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence, the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation and the Campbell Collaboration.

‘The strategic use of evidence and gap maps to build evidence architecture’ is a CEDIL Methods Working Paper that describes this approach. It introduces evidence and gap maps and draws on five case studies to illustrate how they can be used strategically to build evidence architecture.

Suggested citation: White, H. (2021) The Strategic Use of Evidence and Gap Maps to Build the Evidence Architecture. CEDIL Methods Working Paper 5. London and Oxford: Centre of Excellence for Development Impact and Learning (CEDIL). Available at:

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