David Gough

David Gough
CEDIL Steering Group

Professor David Gough is Professor of Evidence Informed Policy and Practice and the Director of the EPPI-Centre in the Social Science Research Unit (SSRU) at UCL. His early research was on child welfare at the University of Glasgow and at Japan Women’s University. Since moving to SSRU in 1998, his work has focused on methods of systematic mapping and synthesis and  ‘research on research use’. Recent work include the Wellcome Trust funded ‘Science of Using Science’ and the ESRC funded ‘UK What Works Centres: Aims, Methods and Contexts’. He is lead editor of Introduction to Systematic Reviews (2nd Edition) and Systematic Reviews and Research, both Sage Publications.

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  1. David, long time no see! We were just talking about you. You look well, your smile remains enigmatic. Love to see you again at some point xx

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